Recommended Autosurf Exchange Site – - Autosurf Traffic Exchange

One of the best Autosurfing TE‘S I found is There are always contests running for most active surfers and surfers with most new referrals. The surfing timer set to 20 seconds for free members and even less for upgraded members. The surf ratio is 0.6 credits per site viewed for free members up to 4 credits for upgraded members. Members can purchase daily sponsor (first page in rotation) using they credits or cash.

This site offers bonus just for signing up:

  • 1000 credits (1000 hits to your website),
  • 2500 banner and text credits.

So just for registering and activating your account your site will be getting free 2500 hits to a website of your choice.

Referral bonuses are:

  • 1000 credits,
  • 1000 banner and text credits,
  • $0.1 cash for every active referral, plus up to 50% commissions from referral upgrades.

Recommended Autosurf – - Autosurf Traffic Exchange is one more Free Autosurf Traffic Exchange I recommend to automatically increase website visitors. It also offers some bonuses for joining – free 1000 credits.

Surf ratio rises if you surf more (every 100 pages) and also it increases for the next day.

There is also an option to manual surf with much shorter time and and higher surf ratio.

Other sites features include free banner exchange with a 1:1 ratio. Also you can add banners and text links in rotation and they will be active as long as you have an active site in rotation.

Why Autosurf Traffic Exchanges can be useful for your blog?

Depending on why you are using any traffic exchange, Autosurf traffic exchanges can be one of your sources of visitors to your website. I would not recommend it if you are trying to sell a product as it automatically surfs for you therefore people don’t have to pay any attention to the websites they are viewing. Of course, in rare occasions they might pay some attention and you can end up making a sale or adding a member to your downline or list. Some sites even offer some cash for autosurfing, however these commissions are very small. You would normally earn only a few cents a day for surfing all day. A better way to earn money would be to refer some new members and earn money if they make a purchase or simply upgrade they account.

Some advanced surf exchanges offer some more features than just surfing. That is downline builder, banner exchange, text link exchange, paid to click section or even sending solo emails to members of a site. These can be very effective for earning money online purposes.

Other features of best Autosurfing Sites include contests. Most often admins of these sites give prizes (cash or credits) for most active surfers.

Advertising offers with autosurf traffic exchanges is usually very cheap. Most Autosurfs offers 10000 hits to your site for a few dollars price. This is maybe the cheapest way to boost traffic to your site on the internet.

Bellow in the video you can see how to use Autosurf Traffic Exchanges.

For what purposes do free Autosurfs can be useful? For those who promote affiliate links you can gain some referrals. It is a good way to add a few people to your downline if you are promoting sites related to a topic how to make money online. Also autosurf exchange site can be useful for SEO purposes, Alexa ranking, as while you still work on your new website you would be earning credits automatically as it surfs itself. No need to click on anything or spend hours in front of your computer. It is especially good if you have a second computer even if it’s old computer. You can easily surf at least 5 different autosurfs, while you are working on your new project. Also for those people who do not have much success with SEO and engine traffic, these sites can be a cheap way to get visitors to your site even if it is not a targeted traffic.

All of this kind of website visitor exchanges are free to join. However if you want more benefits you can upgrade your account for a few dollars price. These upgrades are a real time and electricity savers. For a few dollars price you can earn double credits, which means that you won’t need to leave your computer on all day.

HitLeap – The Quality Surf Traffic Exchange

 HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange, also known as an autohits service.

We help you increase your website hits, rankings (alexa, google, youtube) and more.
Our affiliate program gives generous cash and traffic commissions of up to 50%.

Unique Features:

– With this website traffic generator you can choose the time one visitor need to be on your website

– Script also supports youtube videos, squidoo lenses, most link shorteners. – Quality Traffic Exchange.

Is your website like a desert oasis, thirsty for traffic? Look no further. is a highly active Auto Hits portal. We can deliver a consistent flow of website visitors to your blog, splashpage, squeezepage, blog and more. also offers Banner and text ads advertising on prominent locations across the members area. With thousands of members and new ones oining every hour around the clock, assuring you quality visits. is one of the better Automatic Exchanges with these unique features:

– High surfing ratio of 0.7

– More than 10.000 members

– Banner and text link exchange

247Autohits – Autohits exchange

With our 30 seconds timer you’ll get plenty of ‘air time’. has been around since 2006. Thousands have joined us and hundreds join every week. This means fresh new eyeballs to your site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Unique features:

– High 0.7  surf ratio for free members

– Huge membership and active site

– Fast delivery of hits to your website